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Here are links that enable you to sample and/or purchase Charlie's music.





A favorite site for good music is, from Texas.

To enjoy the best New Orleans type traditional jazz band operating currently, visit the Jim Cullum Jazz Band at

Charlie loves to collect and listen to the old network radio shows from the 30's into the 50's. One of his favorite web sites from which to acquire these shows, in the form of mp3 files on CD roms, is OTRCAT. (OTR = old time radio). From mysteries to westerns to musicals to adventure, it's all here. These are really fun. An equally attractive site for OTR lovers is RUSC (R U Sitting Comfortably). This site, run very ably by Ned Norris, allows you to listen at your convenience to shows you select, or to download them quickly to your hard drive. If you want, you can then create your custom CD roms. 50 hours on a disc is common. There is a small subscription fee (well worth it). Charlie has been a member for years.

Boulder City, NV, where Charlie lives, is a small town, but it has more than its share of artists. Take a minute to visit this site; Boulder City Art Guild. Also please browse the Boulder City web site. Follow all the links and discover BC's interesting history.

Here comes the split finger fast ball

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